Photography Course

As part of the cultural activities for the winter of 2013, Rissalat introduced, on Tuesday, 26/11/2013, a Photography course. Including a course in photography skills under the instruction of Farhad Soleimani, a professor from the Islamic Republic of Iran (who attained his Masters in Photography at the Henry University in Tehran), as well as, the presence of a number of photographers from the Resistance’s society. Venue: Rissalat’s Public Hall.

The course opened with a Holy Quranic recital and a small welcome speech by the manager of the training department, Sheikh Hassan Zainuddin who introduced Soleimani as a former member and Vice President of the Board of the Photojournalism Association, in addition to being a member of the Revolution and War Photography Association.

Soleimani also participated in many competitions and photographic events in Iran, including:

The ship, sea and sailing photography contest and the National Students Festival.

The course aims to refine the skills and advanced techniques in the art of photography through research, the choice of the subject of the picture (portrait- faces, landscape- nature), the skill in capturing images according to colours and by working on the participants to help them gain the skill in lighting use.

It will also provide participants with a number of photographs in order to discuss and exchange their opinions.

The course will continue until 30/11/2013 and at the end of it, certificates for the highest achievers will be presented.


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