The 32nd ‘Fajer’(Dawn) International Film Festival – Tehran

The 32nd ‘Fajer’(Dawn) International Film Festival – Tehran

After the conclusion of the ‘Fajer’(Dawn) International Film Festival in Iran, it was clearly visible what a success the unique event was. Organised professionally and impeccably by the Ministry of Guidance and Culture in Iran, the festival was attended by a large number of guests, companies and institutions – national, as well as, international.

The participating films that most stood out in the festival were:

–          ش(Sh)

Director: Qadeer Hatami Kia

The plot revolves around two days and nights from the life of a jihadist martyr Mustafa Shomran during the imposed war on Iran, at the beginning of the 1980s.

Freibz Arab Nia is the leading actor who played the part of the martyr Shomran. He is more famously known for being the hero of the series: Mukhtar Thaqafi. In addition to playing roles in a number of famously known films of the Iranian cinema, such as ‘Sae’ed Rad’, ‘Mrilla Zirae’i’ and ‘Babak Hamidian’.



–          رستاخير  (Judgment Day)

Directed by Ahmed Reda Darwish

The film is was written and directed by Darwish which took 9 years of preparation. The filming began nearly two years ago and the runtime of the film is just about 2 hours and 50 minutes which is relatively long. 60% of the movie was shot in natural places.

The music is by the English Oscar-winning composer, Stephen Warbeck

The film was dubbed in Arabic in Beirut, Lebanon.

The film starred a number of Arab drama artists from:

–          Syria: Jamal Suleiman,  Talhat Hamdi, Ridwan Akli and Fawaz Srour

–          Iraq:  Jawad Al-Shukragi

–          Kuwait: Daoud Hussein

–          Lebanon:  Fadi Ibrahim .

From Iran : Boria Bursrkh, Hasan Borshirazi, Farhad Kai’mian, Babak Hamidi, Bhadr Zamani and many others  

The film revolves around the epic event of Ashura, at which began right after the death of Muawiyah, the Umayyad caliph, right up to the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (A.S) on the tenth of Muharram .

 Those were the two most prominent films in the festival amongst several other unique films, including:

 ‘ Stories’ – directed by Rakhshan Bani I’timad, about society and the reality of everyday life.

‘We have guests’ – directed by Mohammad Mahdi Askrbur.

‘Tomorrow’ – directed by Mehdi Bacdel, starring  Setareh Eskandari, Sadek Safai and Shoja’a Nouri.

‘The Last 50 Steps’ – directed by Kiyomirth Bor Ahmad.

‘Everything is for sale’ – directed by Amir Hossein Thakafi.

‘Cubic meters of love’ – directed by Jamshid Mahmoudi.

The festival will continue to run until the 11th of February, 2014 in Tehran, Iran.

Iran will always remain the capital of creativity in film. 


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