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Al-Ka’ed Quote

Art is a God-given talent and an extravagant truth; it is our duty to go about it.

Sayed Al-Ka'ed

Art is a precious jewel, yet its preciousness and grandeur doesn’t only attract eyes and hearts towards, as does other things- art is a God-given talent. And the truth is that, any kind of art is a Divine gift.

It is true that art is ostensible in its statement. But, not all the truth is art; apart from the statement, there is a sense of awareness and artistic feeling wherein lies the essence of the matter. After the realisation of the beauty or elegance of a truth, there are thousands of the finer details and that no one, apart from the artist, can even understand or recognize the meaning of.In that artistic spirit and light, that lies within him, the artist is able to emphasize elegance and truths. This is the realistic essence, truth of art, and it’s emergence from awareness, inference and simplistic statements.

In fact, art is a God-given talent and an extravagant truth. Therefore, it is natural that whoever is bestowed with this talent, just like all other God-given riches, must shoulder the burden of using this talent responsibly.




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