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By Allah’s command the Quds was sanctified…
And by Ruhollah the secret was sanctified.

A short video clip in commemoration of the passing of Ruhollah Imam Khomeini (Q) – produced by Rissalat. Read more

A rope like a vein-Hablon Kalwareed

The first film made by Rissalat that tells the true story of the Resistance in Lebanon during the Israeli occupation between 1982 and 2000.
Directed by: Massoud Otbabi
Starring: George Shalhoub, Mona Karim, Mohamed Alaa El Din, Anne-Marie Salamah, Fadi Bahsoun, Mona Morshid Khalil, and Mohammed Hassan Karim

Read more

Rasas (Bullet) Films

Three short films directed by Adil Sarhan, adapted from the book collection, Kalam Rasas, from the Resistance’s literature works that are produced by Rissalat in cooperation with many professional and talented writers.  Read more

People of Loyalty-Ahl ALWafa

The first television experience for Rissalat in a production work that retells the true story of a military operation carried out by the Resistance in Lebanon during the Israeli occupation.
Directed by: Najdat Anzour
Writing and Screenplay by: Fathallah Omar
Starring:  Ammar Shalak. Read more




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